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A so-called “Tiny Home” generally is built on a chassis with wheels and is intended to be pulled behind a vehicle until it is located in a temporary location. In most cases “Tiny Homes” are built to the same standards as recreational vehicles, and are sometimes defined under state and local laws as “Accessory Dwelling Units.” It is always best to check local zoning laws before selecting to purchase a Tiny Home or an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

At Palm Harbor Village even the small homes are built to a stringent safety and construction code rigorously enforced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This ensures that each home is designed with quality engineering and overall energy efficiency.

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All sizes and dimensions are nominal or based on approximate manufacturer measurements. 3D Tours and photos may include retailer and/or factory installed options. The manufacturer and/or retailer reserves the right to make changes due to any changes in material, color, specifications, and features at any time without notice or obligation.

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